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Free Roofing Inspection

Roofing Failure, a Homeowners Nightmare

One of the toughest decisions that a homeowner has to make about a leaking roof is whether or not to completely tear it off, partially tear it off or do nothing. Now we’re here to tell you that you have another choice. but, we must make the right decisions early on. First, contact a Houston roofing contractor and schedule your free roofing inspection.

Your Roof Requires Maintenance

Free Roofing InspectionHaving regular free roofing inspections will help you determine if your roof system is in need of repairs, partial or total roof replacement or just an inspection at predetermined times during the course of the year You can set up and implement a maintenance program with your local Houston roofing contractor. Regular inspections allow you the opportunity of avoiding unnecessary spending associated with costly repairs. Further, unlike roofing consultants who only perform inspections, your roofing contractor can make all the necessary maintenance per manufacturer specifications. Best of all, there will be no charge for the inspection; you only pay for necessary repair

Protect Your Investment

Your roofing contractor can design a maintenance program for you with an annual free roofing inspection that can protect not only your roofing system but also your investment. How may you ask? By protecting your roof system, you are not only protecting the roof area, but also your family and property and whatever is under the roof! Further, did you know that a roof should be considered a prime piece of equipment, or better yet an excellent asset? If you as a homeowner ignore this fact, then you can be assured that:

  • Roof Life Expectancy Will Decrease
  • Energy Costs Will Increase
  • Interior Damage Will Increase
  • Roof Costs Will Increase

Your Roof is Your Shield Against Nature

Further, your roof is not only a structure that houses your family and expensive belongings but also is a structure subjected to numerous hazards every day. Airborne pollutants, ultraviolet light, high heat or extreme cold and wind are just a few. Furthermore, damage can occur from animals chewing on flashing or also by the unsuspected HVAC Contractors performing service/repairs. Most roofs, except a roof that is blow off, do not fail all at once. The conditions mentioned above typically destroy the roof system over a period of time. However, with a properly designed maintenance program, you can prevent these occurrences before they result in complete total roof failure!